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Trusted by Millions in Repairing Automobiles Since 1999.

Full Automotive Service

Anything your car might need, Zarbock’s Automotive can provide. We offer bumper-to-bumper service for all brands or makes of car, including any service you can get from a dealership. We have specialists for every system in your car, from the electrical to the AC to the engine, all of who have years of experience to help diagnose and fix your car’s problems.

If you’re having car issues, no matter the system or the brand, Zarbock’s Automotive can help.

On-Site Experts & Services

Woman-Owned shop with a team of experienced mechanics prepared to work with any budget! We take pride in our ability to work with all foreign cars, providing a multitude of services!

Repair & Maintenance Services

We will not overload you with everything that needs to be done to your vehicle! Based on your budget, we will prioritize the necessary repairs to your vehicle, never leaving you in the dark to understand why a repair is needed, or when and what you should be repairing.

A Smart Workshop To Repair Your Car When Necessary.

Your transmission, whether automatic or manual, is responsible for transferring power from your car’s engine to the drive wheels. Zarbock can lubricate the critical gears in your transmission, replace fluid, fix leaks, and more. Come to us for repairs or basic maintenance today.

Your car’s engine is an extremely complicated machine, and there are any number of things that could go wrong with it that can keep your car off the road. Call Zarbock’s Automotive today to help fix any engine problems you may have, or just for routine engine maintenance.

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Services We Provide

If you’re having car trouble, Zarbock’s Automotive can help get you back on the road, no matter what your issue. Below are just some of the services we offer. Call today for car help.

Engine & Transmission


Electrical Work & Diagnostics

AC & Front-End Work


Brands We Service

Zarbock’s Automotive & Transmission

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